Hershy Kiss

Christmas present #2

Completed August 28, 2016

Pattern here


Crochet Grappling Hook & Free Pattern

Christmas present #3

Completed August 29, 2016

I looked all over for a pattern for a crochet grappling hook but I could not find one, so I made up my own pattern. I based my design off of this picture.


Size H hook (5mm)

Gray or black yarn

Yarn needle

For the middle part:

Round 1: make a magic ring and sc 6 in it (6)

Round 2: *sc inc, sc* repeat 3 times (9)

Round 3: sc in each st (9)

Repeat round 9 until piece measures 5.5 inches, stuff firmly

Round 4: sc dec until you have 4 remaining stitches then sl st the hole closed and continue to tail

Tail (Rope): ch 6 feet (or however long you want)

Prongs (arms):

Round 1: make a magic ring and sc 7 in it (7)

Round 2: sc in each st (7)

Round 3: repeat round 2 until piece measures 2.5 inches, sl st in next sc and cut yarn, leaving a tail to sew to middle piece

Stuff firmly and shape to desired angle, sew on

Congratulations! You’ve crocheted a grappling hook!

Original pattern created by Anna Steely. I would appreciate it if you gave credit to me by including a link to my blog (www.stitchesbyanna.wordpress.com) when selling items you make from any of my patterns. Thanks!