Bumblebee, Piggie, Headband, Hat, Dish Cloths, Potholder, and Yarn Cutter Necklace

Instead of seven seperate posts for the past few days, I will put them all in one right here to save your inbox from a flood if you get posts emailed to you 🙂

First up, an adorable bumblebee with no stinger!

Next up, a cute piggie that smells great!


A few flower dish cloths…



A gray headband with a flower in the middle-


A gray hat with granny stitch (child size 8-10 years)

And a flower shaped pot holder

Finally, some more wash cloths

And last but certainly not least… a yarn cutter pendant necklace! These things are awesome! They slice right through the yarn (but not your fingers) and you don’t have to dig around for scissors, the necklace is right there!

Purchase Here

If you read this far, thank you! I appreciate everyone who looks at my blog and I especially enjoy the comments.

I’ll let you in on some exciting news… I am putting together a giveaway! But wait, there’s more! It’s a giveaway for a crochet kit! With Bamboo Yarn! Look for a post about it coming up soon with details on how to enter 🙂



Handmade Gift Tags

These gift tags are available in my Etsy Shop here. They can be used to tag gifts, price items at a craft show, label items in a garage sale, or include washing instructions with a gift or sold item. The Valentine’s Day mix is my favorite set; which one is your favorite?

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Handmade Bundle Boxes Available Now

Do you love getting packages in the mail? Especially those filled with stylish and warm accessories? Take a look at these hand selected boxes filled with handmade items; you just might find your new favorite wardrobe piece!

*More details at the bottom of this post


Simply Sparkles Box


Purple Fun Box


Winter Bundle of Joy Box


Bright Happy Box


Forest & Flowers Box

These five boxes are available now with more coming if they a success.

All of the boxes are filled with unique items that I have handmade. Each box costs $35 and comes with free shipping.  Click on a picture or link to see details and purchase a box. Actual colors may value due to different screens. If you would like a custom box handpicked for you or a loved one, please request a custom order from my shop and I can make a box just for you!

Which box is your favorite? Leave a comment below to let me know!